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Well, yes, I could coast, and I realized that a couple of years ago and
it made me very unhappy. I almost quit Microsoft to go to Law School.
Then I left my family, broke up an old girlfriend's (already pretty
broken) marriage, moved to California to live with her, and joined Jim
Gray's group. Then I found myself daily trying to drive into large
concrete structures at high speed. Then I moved in with my parents. Then
Juliet and I got back together and bought a house down here and she
moved down with the kids.

So, maybe I haven't produced any major piece of work yet, but at least
I've gotten my mid-life crisis out of the way - ten years early! Who
else on this list can say that with conviction?

- Joe

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> You're not *intentionally* trying to get us 32-year-olds into
an even
> worse mood than they were before, are you?

Actually, yes...

The whole FoRK death by thirty theory is supposed to make this
painfully obvious. Wondered why so few over-30s would accept it,

Besides, you should just be able to coast now :-)

RK, who has been sending email for two weeks instead of