Re: Good Barrera, III

John Boyer (
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 19:43:12 -0500

>The whole FoRK death by thirty theory is supposed to make this
>painfully obvious. Wondered why so few over-30s would accept it,

First, Rohit, get over it. Thirty just seems old till you're past it. Then
40 is OLD. I'm 32 and never felt better about my future. But if I do crash
and burn it will be at 38. ;-)

> Well, yes, I could coast, and I realized ....

Next, Joe, Are you drinking again? I am. But really, go home. Buy some roses
on the way. Juliet sounds like a saint! My Thanh would give me thirty days
in the electric chair for such a stunt! As for a mid-life crisis, when my
time comes, I think I'll just get something pierced.