Joe Barrera (
Fri, 22 Aug 1997 08:15:23 -0700

> > the good part is, as you no
> > doubt must count your blessings, I'd have to say you arrived in a
> > happy, successful, supportive place in life. With two beautiful

I am so completely absolutely blessed it just amazes me.

My kids are beautiful and just SO damn smart. And even happy!

Juliet really is uniquely wonderful.

BARC is a wonderful place to work. Jim Gray is so great to work with-he
is exactly the right mentor for me. I am *so* glad that I'm not still in
the Redmond OS research group.

I basically don't have to worry about money.

It just goes on like that. I can't even pretend I "deserve" any of this.

- Joe

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