Re: Everything I Say Is True! [Self-help]

Ron Resnick (
Sat, 23 Aug 1997 22:39:24 +0300

At 11:21 PM 8/21/97 -0400, Rohit Khare wrote:
>Don't whack off so goddamn much!

I CAN'T BELIEVE no one bothered to pick on this line. Maybe
because it was buried in the middle of such a long piece of oratory. Doesn't
anyone else read those Rohit pieces? Geez, my faith in FoRK is
shaken. Where else can I expect to find adolescent mockery on subjects
like whacking off? And mocking Rohit to boot!

For the record, that's the one thing I *wouldn't* worry about, Rohit. Whack
off as much as you like - so long as it feels good. It's not like it's going
to fall off or anything. After all, how can anyone claim to love themself,
if they don't, well, *love* themself?

One of the funniest books I ever read (at about 17) was Portnoy's Complaint
(Philip Roth). Managed to create a whole damn novel pretty much out
of the sole subject of whacking off. Certain scenes remain with me to this
day, a decade and a half later. Like whacking off into a piece of raw liver
by Mom into the family dinner hours later.

He also worked in a bunch of other recent
FoRK themes like atheism and rejection of organized religion (same
variety as mine - stifling Jewish), and first generation Americans coming
to grips with their reality vs. that of their immigrant parents.

You can probably find it in a used bookstore, or a public library, if you're
interested. Be prepared to laugh. And to learn some gutter Yiddish. Adam
(or I) can probably translate any words you don't get.