RE: Book recommendation: _The Ultimate Resource 2_.

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Mon, 25 Aug 1997 01:56:54 -0700 (PDT)

Dan Kohn writes:
> Also note that not only does Simon think the world is doing great (and
> provide a theory as to why), he puts his money where his mouth is. That
> is, we will bet anyone that any factor of the human condition will get
> better over time. This doesn't mean that he'll bet the ozone hole is
> not increasing, but he will bet that skin cancers will decrease
> (something that matters to humans).

Which is exactly the kind of bets that Rohit would take, too.
Read the book, and gain insights into how Rohit thinks... :)

> *Everyone* should have this book on their shelf, if only to know how to
> refute his points. Also good is a sort of companion volume, which has
> statistics and background on nearly every indicator of human well-being.
> The State of Humanity
> <> is eminently
> skimmable and a great desktop reference.

Cool. Will look it up.

> Remember, Thomas Malthus (saying population grows geometrically but food
> arithmetically, so we'll all starve in the end, which also gave
> economics its title the dismal science) was full of shit two centuries
> ago, and still is today.

:) And Bingo was his name-oh.

> P.S. Adam, you need to remove the state-id (the final "/" and number)
> from amazon URLs to quote them correctly.

Right you are. So I've signed up to be an Amazon contact, and a
strawman booklist is at:

Feel free to make Amazon-linked recommendations. I'll add them as I can.

I also want to make a music recommendation, however mainstream it may
be. Billy Joel's "Greatest Hits, Volume 3" came out this week, and it's
a nice overview of his last four albums (tracks from "An Innocent Man"
and "The Bridge" that were overlooked in "Greatest Hits, Volume 2", plus
the best tracks from "Storm Front" and "River of Dreams", plus a new
remix and three new songs). Even though I have all those albums, it's
nice having all the singles here in one place. And although some of his
more eccentric tunes will have to wait for a box set (anyone remember
"Why Should I Worry?" from the Disney movie "Oliver and Company"?), this
single album is a worthwhile tide-over until we get an album of new


Einstein James Dean Brooklyn's got a winning team,
Davy Crockett Peter Pan Elvis Presley Disneyland,
Bardot Budapest Alabama Kruschev,
Princess Grace, Peyton Place, trouble in the Suez...
-- Billy Joel, "We Didn't Start the Fire"