Juniper gets $1M/person to develop new-generation router

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Fascinating! Look at the lineup... and the backers... and the _need_ for
new thinking... RK


August 25, 1997 6:35 PM ET=20

Startup Juniper garners additional $40M in funding
By Paula Musich, PC Week Online

=A0 Next-generation router startup Juniper Networks Inc. today said it has
raised $40 million from large networking companies in an additional round
of funding.
Chipping in to fund the development of a routing technology that can help
scale the Internet to much greater capacities were 3Com Corp.; Ericsson,
Nortel, Siemens and Newbridge Networks (through their joint alliance);
WorldCom Inc. (through its UUnet Technologies subsidiary) and Lucent
Technologies Inc.=20

Total funding for the startup to date is $56 million, with earlier rounds
coming from venture capital firms such as Kleiner Perkins Caufield and
Byers, CrossPoint Venture Partners and others.

Despite the size of its backing and the 70 people already employed by the
Mountain View, Calif., startup, Juniper is still reticent to talk about its

"The thing that characterizes startups [is] they get a few people together,
get a little bit of money and declare an architecture and solution," said
Scot Kriens, chairman, president and CEO of Juniper. "In a large scale
effort like this, there is a lot more to it."=20

The size of the company, which has not yet announced a product or time
frame for product delivery, is a "function of the scope of the task,"
Kriens said.

The new investors are taking an equity stake in the startup but also plan
to integrate future Juniper technology in their existing product lines or

Juniper was founded last year by Xerox PARC scientist Pradeep Sindhu, Sun
Microsystems Inc.'s architect for the Ultra Enterprise servers; Bjorn
Liencres; and MCI Internet expert Dennis Ferguson.

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