Ron Resnick (
Tue, 26 Aug 1997 18:37:16 +0200

Oh dear me. I feel for these guys, really I do. To have such
a clue, and yet be so far off, all at the same time. Don't they
feel oh so lonely and abandoned out there, all by themselves?

OpenDoc apparently still lives, at least in the hearts of some.
Abandoned by the guys with the deep wallets,
now relishing their 'native code' (Apple only) platform,
but still out to do componentware like no one's ever done it before.

Their animated gif was weird -
-Steve Jobs
Education+Content Creation=OpenDoc

Does that make any sense to anyone?

>Component X software is not a least common denominator solution.
>It does not look like a
>Commodore 64 and feel a VIC-20. It's not IFC, JFC, MFC, KFC ,

mmmm KFC. Don't want none of that JFC or IFC - just give me the
Colonel's secret recipe!

>or DNRC . Component X
>uses native code and native libaries because your Macintosh
>computer is not a virtual machine!

Aw, everything's virtual. There is no reality.

>It's the best computer for users ever built, and Component X
>software is the best software built
>especially for the MacOS.

>Component X software is built with OpenDoc, which means you can
>mix and match Component
>X software in any OpenDoc document. Additionally, developers
>of Component X software
>work together to achieve higher levels of integration among
>their products.

As I said, I feel for them. But how do you get a mass market going
for your components when there's nobody left in your agora?
Gotta go with the flow, fellas.... beans, beans, good for your
heart, the more ya eat', the more ya run to ActiveX, not ComponentX :-).

Ok, so I can't write a lousy rhyme. Sue me.