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Tue, 26 Aug 1997 09:17:38 -0900

Microsoft working on a new image format?

According to a reader, rumors of a new Microsoft-sponsored image format,
being developed under the name TruDef by Total Multimedia, abound in his
corner of the industry. TruDef would support both static and animated
images, an unlimited number of colors, and compression superior to either
GIF or JPEG without compromising image quality as much as those two

The creation of a Microsoft-proprietary image format with those kinds of
features would be a blow to Netscape and other Microsoft competitors in the
Web browser market, especially if Microsoft does not allow licensing of the
technology. Rumors has been told that Netscape is already working on a
competing standard that may be superior, but with the division of
incompatible image formats between the two browsers, one would most likely
quash the other. Since Netscape still retains an approximate 64% share of
the browser market, this could work in the corporation's favor if the
battle came about at the time of the release of Windows98, which will use
Microsoft's Internet Explorer as a key part of its interface.

More details as information becomes available.


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