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At 2:39 PM -0800 8/26/97, I Find Karma wrote:

> Rob made a good point about 4 Cellos playing Metallica. Man, that is
> just an awesome album. It's not a Metallica ripoff; it transcends the
> original art in a new and meaningful way.
> Tim made a good point about the Chemical Brothers sampling the Beatles
> being sampling put to good use, but the point is not to judge. You may
> think that Coolio's sampling of Earth Wind and Fire on "Fantastic
> Voyage" sucks, but that's your opinion. Other people might think it's a
> great use of sampling in an art form. The point is to let everyone try
> their hand at sampling, and pick your own 3% best.

no, you missed my point completely. I said I liked the way they did it and
thought that was clever. What I said was, the problem with sampling is that
it takes a carbon copy of something and places it somewhere else. And that
you might have memories, or emotions tied to the original that are
corrupted by the remake.

THAT was my point in brief.



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