RE: more on Apple Speech Recognition.

CobraBoy! (
Tue, 26 Aug 1997 23:02:43 -0800

Dan Kohn around 9:55 PM -0800 on 8/26/97, made things perfectly clear with

> Both Dragon Systems from Kurzweil and IBM's system are getting rave
> reviews from the columnists. I think we may be just one software
> generation away from this being a real thing. I bet a Pentium II with
> 64 MB of RAM is more than enough processing power.
> Kurzweil seems like an obvious Microsoft buyout candidate in the next 12
> months.

Well I believe the IBM system you have to "train" this thing just works out
of the box. I have it on my PowerBook and it's just fine. actually better
because you don't have to deal with that stupid track pad.



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