Re: Y2K stuff (Re: smokers - victim/victorious)

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 9:31:36 -0500

> So clearly there's money in the pot to do cosmetic surgery on the problem,
> but nobody wants to open the wallets (or more correctly, the minds) to do
> the urgent triple heart bypass.

The folks in the trenches do, most likely. As I've said before, though not in
this forum, the only hard technical problem is politics.

> > Would you trust a doctor ... a pilot ...
> I think *that's* irresponsible.

Well, yeah, but come on, COBOL's not brain surgery. Maybe more like shooting
a pistol in random directions. A surgeon *has* to get the wound sewn up, a
pilot *must* get the plane back on the ground, or death will follow in all
likelihood. Randomly fired bullets must land somewhere, but may cause no
discernable damage. In the abstract, of course.

> Revolutions don't come by gradual change from within. They come
> by starting all over again on a clean base.

More likely on a field of blood. But it keeps the food chain going. ;-)

> Cool sig, huh? :-)

Definitely. De Vliegende Object-Distributor has it down.

> <These are my opinions only, and do not reflect IBM in any way>

They are reflected within IBM though, unless you're uncharacteristically
silent at work. ;-)


It's the end of the FoRK as we know it and I feel tines.