Re: Y2K stuff (Re: smokers - victim/victorious)

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 9:57:34 -0500

> Damned! And I thought I could always speak Dutch abroad, because the chances
> that *anyone* would understand what I'm saying would be close to zero :(

Not to worry, the chances are indeed close to zero, even with me. I don't
speak or read Dutch. I do make jokes in all known languages, though,
including Hollandaise. I was once offered a job in The Hague.


And just to prove I can harrass across international boundaries, here are some
anagrams of "Sandor Spruit":

airdrops stun
and/or stirs up
around strips
arsonist urp'd
as round trips
disrupt arson
disrupts Nora
disrupt sonar
drains Proust
drain sprouts
duns airports
ion traps, urds
ordains spurt
parodists run
parrot in suds
protrudin' ass
proud strains
Prussian trod
pundits' roars
Puritan dross
raison d'spurt
Rasputin's rod
rips rotundas
round rapists
rousts Pindar
ruin'd pastors
sparoid runts
Spiro's tundra
sprout'd naris
Tudor sprains
unstrap Doris
upstairs, Dr. No