RE: A guest post on morality

tomwhore (
Thu, 28 Aug 1997 06:27:55 -0400

As pertaining to the hypocrisy of the times.

In so much that we are now walking much different paths than we have in =
the past, yet still in some respects hold onto older patterns of =
behavior, it seems to me that more and more of the ones who talk the =
loudest walk the foulest.

I have begun a semiserious study into what I term the Alpha Coward. This =
is that particular being that talks LOUDLY AND WITH GREAT AUTHORATATIVE =
TONES on many subjects, but is in action made of cheese cloth and vapor. =
It is a form of Hypocrisy that takes things a step further. The whole =
background of the upwardly spiraling advancement on all fronts =
( issues, health, economics) meets with a group of folks who =
are more want to grab attention/power than they are to actually keep =
learned about the subjects they swagger on to produce whole hierarchies =
of support to keep afloat the two faced weaklings in positions of power.

Does it show that im contracting to the government at all? :)

And the Alpha Coward is not relegated to the .Gov.'s. Look around and =
you'll see pundits, managers, friends even..all whom work the alpha =
coward angle to advance via loud weakness. =20

Or, to phrase it like one of my office mates so aptly put it.."its a =
ferengi in klingons clothing"

Now...are these folks in the moral hotsoup?

Surprisingly I find that it is the Alpha Enablers who are relay to blame =
for the continued rise of the AC's. More on them latter