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Joe Barrera (
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 23:55:32 -0700

> A day later, I got this reply: "Possible incorrect freq being
generated by graphics card."

This reminds me of the old joke about the airplane pilot who is totally
lost in the fog, flies close enough to a building to ask someone inside
"where am I", gets the answer "in an airplane", and gets his bearings
immediately because he knows the building must be at Microsoft because
the answer was completely correct and totally useless.

> You certainly won't forget the rotating blue brain featured at Dr.
> site. Run by Dr. Robert Hsiung, M.D., an assistant professor of
> clinical psychiatry at the University of Chicago, the site has an
> abundance of detailed, accurate information about psychiatric
> issues. There's a lot here on drug interactions and in-depth FAQs
> concerning treatment indications, dosage, and side-effects for a host
> commonly prescribed medications.

This ( is a killer
site. For the full effect, though, you *MUST* check out
( -- How does an M.D.
find time to put together such a page? He deserves to be involuntarily

BTW if you've never checked out the Pendulum site
(, you should. It's primarily for bipolars
(manic-depressives), but there's a section on attention deficit disorder
as well ( *EVERYONE* on this
list should check out "50 Tips on the Management of Adult Attention
Deficit Disorder"
( Here are a few
selected tips:

7. Give up guilt over high-stimulus-seeking behavior. Understand
that you are drawn to high stimuli. Try to choose them wisely, rather
than brooding over the "bad" ones.
19. Embrace challenges. ADD people thrive with many challenges.
As long as you know they won't all pan out, as long as you don't get too
perfectionistic and fussy, you'll get a lot done and stay out of
22. Prioritize. Avoid procrastination. When things get busy, the
adult ADD person loses perspective: paying an unpaid parking ticket can
feel as pressing as putting out the fire that just got started in the
waste-basket. Prioritize. Take a deep breath. Put first things first.
Procrastination is one of the hallmarks of adult ADD. You have to really
discipline yourself to watch out for it and avoid it.
29. Read with a pen in hand, not only for marginal notes or
underlining, but for the inevitable cascade of "other" thoughts that
will occur to you.

The Pendulum page is by-bipolars/for-bipolars. And it shows -- it's a
very nice site. I haven't found any unipolar pages that come close. This
of course reminds me of PKD's "Clans of the Alphane Moon" where each
clan is a different mental disorder. PKD made the bipolars too mean but
I think that's because he was attracted to Borderline Personality
Disorder women and he confused bipolar with BPD. So you see, everything
really is connected, at least if your thoughts spin around quickly
enough to connect them all.

Go To Sleep, Joe!

- Joe

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