FoRK, the indie band

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 28 Aug 1997 05:13:28 -0400

In the process of listing FoRK in Yahoo (right next to VaL, sigh...) we find:

[This also defies commentary... check out their track "everything you do
annoys me" : ]

"We're known for pulling large forks and whatnot out of our asses."

Yes, performance art is alive and well, and if you don't
like it, fork u. Well, we had to get your attention somehow.
Utensils aside, Fork are a tasty lil' number from NY, kind
of like the aural equivalent of having a fork stuck in your eye.
Only better. Kim and Kreg are childhood friends from alpha
centuri, who decided being in a band was better than kissing ass
for a living. Boy, were they wrong. After forking around in a
couple of other bands (Fork was originally supposed to be kim's
side project with 3 other kims. Get it- four-k's? But Kim Deal
and Kim Gordon wouldn't return her phone calls), they decided
to rip off the Pixies, like everyone else, and voila! Fork was
born. Fork are now kicking ass all over the NY metro area.

Fork... the new white meat!

Coming soon to a placemat near you.

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