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Obese individuals have many more fat cells than do their lean
counterparts. A kilocalorie deficit can reduce the fat in each cell,
but cannot break down the entire cell. Once manufactured, a fat cell
exists until death.



I got this link from an excellent column by Atul Gowande in the current
Slate on obesity risks.

Also recommended: ("Yo mama's
so fat, I had to take a train and two busses just to get on her good
side.", etc)


since were on this subject, maybe FoRKers can help. In June or July (I
belive it was July) their was a patent awarded to a company back east
for a pill dirived from a Chinese herb, that when taken prior to
exercise created a 48% uptake in fat burning.

I heard about it once on the radio and missed who the company was and
what the product is called. I *believe* and believe is the key word the
name equinex or something like that was mentioned.



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