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LOS ANGELES -- August 29, 1997 -- I am disappointed that this lawsuit was
filed even after I retracted my original report and publicly apologized for

The fact that Mr. Blumenthal's 137-page complaint seeks to recover $30
million from me has no relation to anything that I have done -- unless the
White House views me as a reporter who should not be in business.

The extraordinary admission at the August 28 White House press briefing
that both the President and Vice President told Mr. Blumenthal they would
support him in this action suggests this White House simply lacks respect
for basic principles of free speech and the First Amendment guarantee of a
free press.

What the White House is doing in supporting this lawsuit should arouse
grave concern among all those who cherish our Constitution.

Fuck 'em all! I'll kill all those bastards!!!

(okay, so i added the last line myself...)



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