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From: Marc Abrahams <marca@wilson.harvard.edu>
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Subject: mini-AIR Aug 97 -- Reality Results; More Bites; Ig Nobel Tickets


1997-08-03 What's New in AIR

Here are some alluring abstracts from volume 3, number 5 (the
Sept/Oct 97 issue) of the Annals of Improbable Research (AIR). 3:5
is the special How-To Issue.

Features in the issue include:

"Cafeteria Review: The Johns Hopkins Greenhouse Cafeteria," by
Karen Hopkin.

"Physicists and Mathematicians -- Draw Your Own Conclusion," by
Pamela Sexton. The author presents her evidence for the conclusion
that physicists can draw pictures and mathematicians can't.

"NOBEL THOUGHTS: David Baltimore," by Marc Abrahams. In this
interview, the new president of Caltech discusses his feelings
about socks.

"Ask Symmetra," by scientist/supermodel Symmetra. In this edition
of her regular column, Symmetra uses the inverse square law to
calculate the force of attraction between a woman and her


1997-08-06 Ig Nobel Tickets

As mentioned above, this year's Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony will take
place at Harvard on Thurs. evening, October 9.

Tickets now on sale at the Sanders Theatre Box Office
617-496-2222. It's a good idea to get tickets now, because the
event always sells out.

If your group would like to send an official theme delegation
please get in touch with our Delegations Delegation:
Margaret Ann (mag@mit.edu or 617-253-0217), Ed (eaj@mit.edu or
617-253-5030), or Dee (deedc@mit.edu or 617-253-5543). Delegations
will be selected by quasi-lottery -- all applications MUST be
received by Tuesday, September 23,1997 (no email, no extensions,
no refunds, no compassion).

The Ceremony will be televised live over the net. Details will be
posted on our web site, and will appear in the September mini-AIR.


1997-08-08 Update: AIR Universal History Translation Project

"The History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less" (AIR 3:1,
Jan/Feb 1997) has now been translated into Afrikaans, Brazilian
Portuguese, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish,
French, Galego, German, Italian, Occitan, Portuguese, Spanish, and
Welsh, with Estonian, Hebrew, Polish, and Urdu versions on the
way. The AIR UHTP homepage can be found at
If you would like to translate the article into other languages,
have suggestions for translating any of the missing phrases from
the Irish or Turkish versions, or want additions made to the
"Revised History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less," please
contact Eric Schulman <eschulma@NRAO.EDU>.


Huyghe discusses mainstream incidents and the medical literature.
He gives the figure for the number of reported human bites in New
York City for 1983, as 1,581. Perhaps most disturbing was his
insights into how widespread biting is in child abuse homicides.
According to psychiatrist Judianne Denson-Gerber, J.D., president
of the public health group Odyssey Institute: 'Nearly one-fifth of
all the children who come to autopsy in New York City have been
cannibalized or bitten prior to death.' Huyghe does a wonderful
job of giving me still more reasons for staying away from New York


1997-08-11 Further Adventures of C. Crawford, Chemical Engineer

Investigator Dan Berry spotted the following report in the July 5-
6, 1997 issue of the "International Herald Tribune." It concerns
the current activities of scientist/supermodel Cindy Crawford,
some of whose past exploits have been chronicled extensively by
AIR columnist Alice Shirrell Kaswell.

Model CINDY CRAWFORD, who studied chemical engineering
before opting for the catwalk instead, is now poring over
the secrets of high cuisine. Crawford on Friday wound up a
four-day cooking course at one of France's gourmet
establishments, the Moulin [sic] de Mougins near Cannes on
the Cote d'Azur. CHEF ROGER VERGE is known for his zucchini
and black truffles, stuffed artichokes and mushroom-crusted