Re: Apple buys Power

CobraBoy! (
Tue, 2 Sep 1997 08:03:54 -0800

Rohit Khare around 6:44 AM -0800 on 9/2/97, made things perfectly clear
with this:

> [Job's smarmy parocialism is back. Such a living contradiction... or maybe
> just simply an asshole?]


what was your minor? wasn't it economics? so let me ask you a few questions.

have you followed Apple's quarterly statements lately?
notice a trend?

where does power get it's logic boards from?

now if Apple goes under who benefits?

now what if at the same time all these idiot mac heads that are buying
power products are calling apple tech support becaue their power boxes have

Power will now make Intel boxes. Bet your ass they will be "Apple like" Bet
your ass Rhapsody will run right out of the box real well (tm) on them.

leave the man alone, he knows what he is doing.



Care about people's approval and you will be their prisoner.
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