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Alright, I hate to descend to the depths of actually saying something
revealing about my past, but I will speak to your point briefly here. I
cannot say whether my background has any relationship to yours; I am
just a data point for you.

Anyway, I have *always* been a late bloomer. I didn't speak until I was
4 years old. Even then, no one could understand me (because of a speech
defect) except for this one kid who acted as my translator. I have
memories of kindergarten, and being a late bloomer then.

Now, academically, I started doing better, but socially, things were
pretty weak. I just did not understand "talking" to people (which is
mainly because I didn't understand *listening* to people). And, at the
age of 14, young for my grade, immature for age, and my father dead a
few months earlier, I left South Carolina for New Hampshire to attend
Exeter. Now, that was a hard transition, and I still never really fit
in there. College was a little better but I never truly felt the sense
of belonging. I think one of the most important things you can learn at
a liberal arts college like Swarthmore is the concept of the Other, and
I definitely identified.

Anyway, I started a company when I was in school, and had some success
with it, and sold it and such. And, having this success in one part of
my life had this pretty amazing effect. The self-confidence I gained in
the process resonated into other portions of my life. I found myself
capable of sustaining my first really serious relationship, and my
attitude toward myself and the people around me improved (and only
continues to get better).

And here's the rub. Having had some occasional tough times growing up,
I appreciate the things I have (family, some good friends, a great job,
a potential for a relationship with a really cool woman, unique things
like FoRK, etc.) more than anyone I know. I don't want to sound like an
ABC Afterschool Special or anything, but I really do appreciate what I
have so much more for having struggled to get here.

So, Rohit, keep the chin up. Being a late bloomer can be a pretty cool

- dan

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> -----Original Message----- > From: Rohit Khare [] > Sent: Monday, September 01, 1997 11:30 PM > To: > Cc:;;; >; > Subject: Re: Whining [not] > > I don't want Adam to be right, but deep down inside, I fear he > is. I've come this far down the road of ostracism, might as well pour > in good money after bad and stick with work until it pays off -- > success there seems so much more assured, with benefits to so many > more, than to play the extremely uncertain hand of chasing after > romance. Let it find me. I dare! >