Re: Di

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 2 Sep 1997 14:29:25 -0400 (EDT)

> so whom on FoRK thinks Di was a hit?

That was my absolute first thought, and I'm sticking to it: this is far
too neat an ending,perhaps even merciful compared to the horrors of
decades of royal abuse to come. Cynical enough for you?

The establishment has certainly made plain it hates Fayed, and the
Egyptian has done little to really endear himself back; he's always
clawing at the door with his latest acquistion, of which the Princess
of Wales would only be the most recent in a line.

The whole operation was cleanly pinned on Fayed, which is the usual
irony of conspiracy: if its done well, there is NO rational evidence
to believe it did :-)

Bottom line: they recover exclusive control of the Princes. And
finally think they'll recover the PR battle: but in destroying her
they have only made the shadow stronger: her ghost will haunt the
image of the modern royal family for a century or more.

Besides, the brits get to pin their dirty work on the french? How
suspiciously neat is that?


PS. Of course, I also think the photographers are blameless; it's
a free economy in the abstract, and nothing is so sacred to have
been worth "step on it!" -- fault is clearly somewhere in that car.

PPS. If that poor bodyguard recovers (godspeed), it will be quite a
moral trauma, since he must have know the harm Peter was placing them in
(barring sick conspiracies like the above).