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Thanks for pointing out such a rich source of
really really really weak humor.

I mean, "Nation's Educators Alarmed By Poorly Written Teen Suicide

Or, "World's Muslims Lighten Up"???

Why not, "World's Jews Get Less Stingy"???

Need *I* say more?

- Joe

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Subject: MS acquisitions (was Gates as God)

Aha! Support for my thesis. Moments after my last post, I
happened across
this gem:

REDMOND, WA--Continuing its massive content-acquisition drive,
Microsoft paid $2.1 billion Monday for Milton
Berle's Joke File, the world's most vaunted collection of
insults, gags and one-liners. "We aim to build the greatest
archive in human history," Microsoft spokesperson Samantha
Franks said, "and, as such, we needed to acquire the
world's greatest jokes." Culled from the legendary comedian's
six decades in show business--spanning Vaudeville, radio
and television--the Milton Berle Joke File is believed to be the
largest collection of zingers in existence, covering subjects
ranging from mothers-in-law to schwartzes. Microsoft is also
rumored to be interested in acquiring Rich Hall's extensive
"Sniglets" lexicon.

Need I say more?

-- Ernie P.