NeXT PrInfo: Rhapsody Developer Release

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["Apple Software Quality"? That's funnier than "nExt Software Quality"! :-]

Subject: NeXT PrInfo: Rhapsody Developer Release
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August 25, 1997

Dear Rohit,

As a participant in NeXT's Prerelease Program, you helped us improve the =
quality of OPENSTEP. This is a reminder that you can participate in the =
process of creating Rhapsody by joining Apple's Developer Program. The =
Developer Release of Rhapsody will be made available to Apple Developer =
Program members who have signed a non-disclosure agreement. If you act =
quickly, you may be able to take advantage of a special program for =
commercial OpenStep developers. For this program, see


For more information about Apple's developer programs generally, see


For more information about Rhapsody, see



Apple Software Quality

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