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I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (BAISLEY@fndcd.fnal.gov)
Wed, 3 Sep 1997 14:25:07 -0500

Steve "Jacques Jimenez" Leif led with his chin and blurted out --

> ... Snow Mexicans ...

Sheesh, Elvis feet! Could we at least keep our snide comments on a high plane?
I mean it's one thing for Louis Rukeyser to say "Living in Canada is like
living in the attic. And there's a party going on downstairs.", and quite
another to pour petrol on the poutine.

> ... in the room I am in to this day.

Oh, well, that explains it. You should get out more! Here, try some of this
whale blubber and cilantro ...

-- And now for some completely unrelated, random bits --

> kept in a cachalot, which is not a good place for my data!

Attaboy, Rob! Good one! Fecundity without feculence!

> Innumerable posts on sampling ...

It's not sampling per se, but Smashmouth's Walking On The Sun sure reminds me
of The Doors' Hello, I Love You. And I swear I heard something on the local
alternative station (WKQX - Q101) with a falsetto that sounded an awful lot
like Bobby Vinton's Crying.

> Various posts, email and junk regarding the Di "hit"

It's clear to me there can only be one explanation. There's only one industry
where Diana had made a huge difference. Fashion in general, and hats in
particular. Diana had singlehandedly revived the moribund English millinery
industry, at the expense of the French, who've hated the English for centuries.
So Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint-Laurent and Givenchy ordered the hat hit.

> The importance of being (with) Ernest.

Exactly 10 days ago, I had Dr. Ernie over at *my house*. I even met his folks.
His mother took some of the hundreds of daffodil bulbs we were trying to unload
on whoever would take them. Ernie sort of grew up in this neck of the
cornfields. His uncle lives here in Naperville.

Speaking of Naperville, my home town du jour for the last decade, was all over
the news. USA Today, Tom Brokaw, and Pravda for all I know. A new $63 Million
high school opened, with a 2-story rotunda. The city's growing like a weed (up
from a population of 80K or so when we moved here in '87 to about 110K now), so
the new space was needed. Lots of ordinary folks worked with the School Board
to get things the way they wanted, and the taxpayers voted to fund it. Cool.
We live in the other School District, so it didn't really affect us directly.
At any rate, Naperville ranks very high in the state, and holds its own against
New Trier and other places which spend considerably more per student.

The other news item was that Naperville was rated as the best place in America
to raise children. By Zero Population Growth. Somehow that comes across like
a hospital endorsement from Dr. Death. We like it here anyway.

So, come back again sometime Ernie. The media really notice when you do.