Re: to reopen PEBES reporting site

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (ernest@pundit)
Thu, 4 Sep 97 00:53:59 -0700

The interesting bit is the phrase "registered e-mail account". One =
wonders if the Social Security email account will become a =
'reference account' the way Social Security numbers have ben =
(mis-)used as a unique identifier.

-- Ernie P.

You wrote:
> [Instead, they are using a mail-back verification loop -- =
> that is... and taking the most sensitive data offline, the =
> history. -RK]
> In addition, the officials said, anyone who wants to use Social
> Security's Internet site to get an estimate of future benefits =
> need a "verification code."=20
> The code will be sent on request to a person's electronic mail
> address. People without a registered e-mail account, with an =
> or an Internet service provider, will not be able to obtain an
> electronic estimate of their Social Security benefits.=20