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CNN News
3 Sep 9:53pm EDT

The couple had planned to dine at a Paris restaurant, Benoit, where
they had reservations. But because of the photographers, they
decided instead to dine at the Ritz Hotel, which is owned by Fayed's
father, Mohammed Al Fayed.

The crash occurred after they left the hotel in a Mercedes...

Surveillance cameras along the roadway that would have been in a
position to capture the crash on videotape were not recording at
the time, police said.


EIR: ... I'd like to begin with a question on the recent unfortunate death of Princess Diana. What do you think is going on there, what are the implications of this for the Royal Family?

LYNDON LAROUCHE: A highly suspicious case, obviously with some kind of criminality involved. Initially, the press was reporting, from the French officials, amid all the soap opera that was being broadcast, wall to wall, that there had been seven motorbikers apprehended, who were obviously some kind of journalists, or freelance journalist photographers, who, from 300 indicated, harassing the Princess at the hotel when she was having dinner with the boyfriend. So, they sent the regular car, with the regular chauffeur ahead, to try to just call off, or distract the paparazzi lurking around the hotel, like a mob scene. Then, the hotel, which is owned by people connected to Dodi, the boyfriend, called its chauffeur back; the chauffeur was a highly skilled driver, an aircraft pilot, a combat pilot, highly trained in security operations. He'd gone home for the day. They called him up and used a Mercedes 600 limousine to take the Princess and her boyfriend and her body-guard, back a short distance to the hotel, passing through the well-known tunnel in Paris. From there on, everything becomes murky. But you have a highly skilled driver -- probably had a couple of drinks, retiring beforehand, but that doesn't mean much in a case like this, there's no indication of drunkeness in this case -- taking them back, at apparently a very high speed. Now, this is rather difficult, because the entry to that short tunnel requires a sharp turn, and you're not going to make that sharp turn at 130, 160 kilometers an hour, so something was going on. We {don't know what} was going on. Except, I saw these pictures on television. As you know, I've some experience with this sort of stuff, in our own security, and a vehicular homicide attempt against my wife Helga, back years ago, in Germany, which was done by people from here tied to Roy Cohn, that kind of stuff -- and, then, a second attack later on, which was more serious and more sophisticated. So, we went through all these options and considerations: what you do when you're faced with a vehicular homicide attempt, of the sophisticated type, commonly used by government services and similar people. But I saw the picture of this. Imagine, a Mercedes 600, virtually accordioned in the front by running into this post, this pillar. The whole thing doesn't make sense, except for the fact, that this occurred under conditions of extraordinary harassment of the Princess, and occurred in a way, which shouldn't have occurred, if proper security attention had been provided by the relevant authorities. I mean, here's a highly endangered, or highly at-risk, internationally notable figure, who is being {massively harassed} by very agressive types, including some criminal types, mixed in with these photographers. And, one would think that the French police would have intervened immediately, to take precautions, so that she could have gone back to her hotel in an orderly fashion, not in this kind of high-risk situation in which she was being pursued by mad photographers ostensibly.


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