RE: Mental Disturbance and Creative Achievement

Joe Barrera (
Thu, 4 Sep 1997 15:14:50 -0700

> From: Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar [SMTP:ernest@pundit]
> But... don't let the search for greatness become an excuse for
> misery. There -are- other sources of inspiration out there, they are

> just harder to tap into ("The Light Side"). You can be miserable if

> you want to, but it isn't required.

I may be reading too much into what you've said, but just in case, let
me make something perfectly clear. Depression (misery) is not something
I choose. I spend a great deal of energy reading and meditating and
doing therapy and having meds adjusted when necessary so that I'm NOT
chronically suicidally depressed. Some of what you've written makes it
sound like I would choose misery simply because it's an easy source of
inspiration to tap into???

More succinctly - hold me responsible for my actions, but not for the
underlying depression. Or do you disagree?

- Joe

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