Slap a Spice Girl

Jim Whitehead (
Fri, 5 Sep 1997 09:24:05 -0400

Leave it to the Brits to develop the perfect riposte to the Spice Girls.
Check out the e-zine Urban 75, at:

And then drill down two levels to the "Slap a Spice Girl" page. Make sure
you're on a fast connection -- if you're an IE user, you may have to set
your Security to "medium" just for this one page (my browser didn't melt
down after going to the site, and a virus check afterwards came up
negative.) The game is a Shockwave application.

Also on the same site is "Slap a Bullshitter," the same game featuring
politicians rather than Spice Girls.

My (rather lame) high score is 45. :-)

- Jim