Resignation from MCI

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 05 Sep 1997 15:36:51 -0400


September 5, 1997

From: Rohit Khare
To: John Klensin, team
Re: Resignation

While I have worn many hats in my short career -- research staff,
"technology expert", chief chemist, cook, and bottle-washer -- I am
inordinately proud of my tenure as an MCI Data Architect. I am glad to
have served on the MCI Internet Architecture team and with the Boston
office. Over the last five months, I have had the opportunity to
develop exciting new products and services, consult with some
technically outstanding colleagues, and to understand the dynamics of
MCI corporate culture.

I also appreciate our professional commitment to both growing MCI's
markets as well as growing the Internet as a whole. I share that
dedication to reinventing the telecommunications industry over IP --
to the point that I feel the next logical career move for me is
entering the PhD program at the University of California, Irvine. For
this reason, I am hereby resigning from MCI, effective September 12,

I plan to investigate the history and future of Internet
application-layer transport protocols and their standardization, with
an eye towards developing a successor to HTTP. This difficult decision
has been somewhat eased by recognizing that I will be laboring in the
same garden, after all. My new friends and colleagues from MCI will
simply become old friends and colleagues on this journey. Perhaps, in
time, I may even return, better prepared to extend MCI's leadership
into future generations of Internet technology.

John, thank you very much for your faith in me and for all your help
in making the most of this engagement.

/s/ Rohit Khare

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