Josta for those drug tests

Rasheed Baqai (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 16:16:51 -0700 (PDT)

Looks like I'm FoRKing a lot today, but these are some interesting bits.

Might be useful for the Chinese swim team? Aside from the wrong
color...hmm maybe Mountain Dew works too? Looks like Josta is only
colored purposely and nothing leads it to be naturally red. (Josta is
made with the guarana berry.)

Wednesday July 22 10:02 AM EDT
Labs investigated after urine test debacle
BRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazilian authorities were investigating medical
laboratories in Rio de Janeiro after they failed to detect bogus urine
samples which turned out to contain a soft drink, Justice Minister Renan
Calheiros said Tuesday.

A local newspapers sent the mixture, containing water and a popular soft
drink made from the Amazonian guarana berry, to 14 laboratories but only
two detected the fraud.

If found guilty of negligence, the laboratories may be fined up to $2.6
million, have their licenses lifted and be forced to close, the Justice
Ministry said in a statement.

"These laboratories do not pass the test for ethics and respect for the
consumer," Calheiros told reporters. "They must be treated like bacteria
which must be fought without respite."