RE: Orange County: Who Put The HUB in Hubba Hubba

Tim Byars (
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 20:33:01 -0700

The sundial says at 7:43 PM -0700 on 7/31/98, crafted this:

> Why the FoRK'd should go here:
> In the August Atlantic Monthly article "Travels Into America's Future" the
> author, Robert D. Kaplan makes Orange Co sound like the future center of the
> universe. A large part of the three-part article is about how it's positioned
> itself as the tech development leader of tomorow. Kaplan is respected for a
> lot of reasons, foremost being his "finger-on-the-pulse" interpretation of
> societal changes. He's earned his reputation by being right.
> Geege

Haha. N-e one that lives in OC knows it's all an illusion.



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