Re: Josta for those drug tests

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Sun, 2 Aug 98 08:48:07 -0700


Bacteria are our friends! Declaring all-out war on bacteria is a =
dangerous business; you end up killing all the good ones and the bad =
ones then have free rein.

I suppose he could have been referring to specific bacteria which must =
be fought without respite. In that case, yes, you want to make sure =
you totally eliminate the strain you are targeting, lest the survivors =
develop/propagate resistance.

Regardless, it is still a pretty good quote.

You wrote:
> "These laboratories do not pass the test for ethics and
> respect for the consumer," Calheiros told reporters. "They
> must be treated like bacteria which must be fought without
> respite."
> If that's not the best quote I've read this year nothing is.
> Geege