Re: Josta! Because hey YMMV. He drank like a sleek jungle cat.

Steve Nordquist (
Sun, 02 Aug 1998 23:16:17 -0500

Yellow Boxer said:

> Hey!
> Bacteria are our friends! Declaring all-out war on bacteria is a dangerous business; you end up

I think we have a person who, not having timeto watch pro wrestlers, simply has one train at his house like DuPont
The Lesser. He gets up early, fights "The Bacteria" mercilessly....

> I suppose he could have been referring to specific bacteria which must be fought without respite.

e.coli linuxinus would be scary. Sun hyping SPARC Linux is scary.The quote refers to Gunbuster, which had a tomagotchic phase in the
south americas (Animated, dated: New Zealand-sized aliens lay eggs in suns,
they hatch from ths suns like viri popping a cell (Kevin Costner might
do a live action of this, what do you think?) destroying sun; they fight
spacers nonetheless (lending gratuity to the violence) and are eliminated
in atmospheric B&W ep. 5 and 6 by a 'black hole bomb' made out of
Jupiter and 'other' parts.)

Computer language compiler/base-environments over 1MB are unsettling.
How hard can it be to order a proper analysis from the micturation techs?
Did they get "I'd rather LC a Josta" merchandise? "LLC Cola"

> In that case, yes, you want to make sure you totally eliminate the strain you are targeting, lest the survivors develop/propagate resistance. as to minimize the window in which advanced immunity stays relevant.
speaking of which, the Soreyuke! Uchuusenkan Yamamoto Yohko LDs are
KILA 162 through 164 (VHS KIVA-262 through 264) for all economics-
deprecated (from human endeavors) futurists out there.