Obv. need for MLA bibliography with "Warning, LONG"

Steve Nordquist (signa@tfs.net)
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 02:41:04 -0500

> Oh, and "Steve", just in case you really are DFW

What's behind that bandana, you've wondered? FC/AL,all for naught. No
sooner am I channeled than
someone registers nordquist.com (finger, ping refused,
only 17 routers away and like $5 a year.)

> ... let me say, cool book.
> Don't let people beat you up about the length (infinite indeed, &c). After
> all it's shorter than half the books published by WROX or Microsoft Press
> (can you believe a 1200 page Win98 "resource kit"?).

Well, people wouldn't read the prelude data on CDs, so the hand was
forced.There is an obvious need for such books titled

"How Bill Gates Finally Popped My C++ Cherry After I Just Read Through
Strousup and Moo Without Doing Any Exercises"

to fill in the missing after-element.