RE: [Washington Post] Printing's Future May Be Written in E Ink.

Tim Byars (
Tue, 4 Aug 1998 08:07:55 -0700

At 4:54 AM -0700 8/4/98, I Find Karma came up with this:

> I hate people... And when I say I hate people, I count myself. I
> haven't done anything drastic to change the world.
> -- Cameron Diaz in _USA Today_ 7/30/98

YAFUC - yet another fucked up chick.



Now, a few guidlines 1. Remember, trust in yourself, trust in CobraBoy, kill everyone else 2. The voices are your friends, trust the voices 3. They are all out to get you 4. Never trust a pigmy with a spear 5. God wants you to give all your money to CobraBoy

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