Re: Ode to Losing Virginity.

Ron Resnick (
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 14:27:16 -0400

[Just a bit of mockery Adam - having some fun at your expense.
Don't take seriously]

I Find Karma wrote:

> Before you whet your lips at the thought of a sexual-deflowering story,

Crap. What a waste of bw then.

> are three kinds of people in the world.

Nope. Two kinds. Those who divide the world into 3 kinds of
people, and then everybody else.

> FoRK itself -- sure, we keep
> increasing the information pool in our collective soul, but how much
> closer to self-awareness as a community have we gotten? I've been here
> from the beginning, and I can honestly proclaim that as a group we are no
> further along than we were 32 months ago. Do we collectively know more?
> Sure. Has it collectively helped any of us to deal with the sweeping
> changes most of us are undergoing in our lives? No way.

Speak for yourself. I think it's rather presumptuous to
declare on behalf of ~100 people what effect anything may or
may not have on their lives.

> Maybe the goal of FoRK is NOT to know everything. Maybe the goal is
> something deeper.

Or maybe there is no goal? Maybe just, like, it _is_, and that's it?

>I'd wager that half of FoRK right now will have a major
> life change sometime in the next 18 months. Job shifts, leaving school,
> entering school, marriages, divorces, big moves, deaths, births.

Yup. I wager that for the Sagittarius, with moon rising in Venus,
divorce will play big.
However, Pisces forkers should really be on the lookout in the
next 18 mos for the Job-shift phenom.

(That's a mild mock, suggesting your wager is about as general
and unassailable as any 2-bit Madame Karma in a circus sideshow ;-)

> So there you have it, I've suddenly pigeonholed the entire human race
> into three boxes,

Well, that's quite a feat, and all before breakfast yet!

> But follow along with me anyway,

Aww, do we HAVE to?? Weeeell, all right....

>because even if the hypothesis is bunk,

What's this 'even'?

> Then again, that creator also designed the genitals to have a sewage
> line running through a recreational area -- how smart was that?

Creator? That's a marvel of good design, that plumbing. Lovingly
evolved over millions of years to adapt to fitness terrains in
which golden showers are the secret height of erotic pleasure,
hence a selection of reproductory fitness.

> And while I'm being blasphemously lewd,

You call THAT lewd??? Boy, have YOU been missing the true calling of
the Internet!! Why not have Tim take you on a tour of lewd...

> Why the heck weren't the sexual
> fluids in that area designed to taste like chocolate and
> butterscotch,

Hey, now that would be kinda neat... Then again, modern industry
has easily made up for that with any number of suitable
substitute concoctions.

> What comes next does not necessarily make me
> happy; I place my whole value system in question as I hold my nose and
> jump feet first into what I know I must now do.

Jeezus Adam, you walk us through 17Kb of meandering prose, only to
wind up being the biggest cocktease that email has ever seen!
Kripes, either spill the beans on your new epiphany, or hold yer tongue,

:) Ron