Re: The Cost of Living in the Bay Area

Ian Andrew Bell (
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 12:25:36 -0700

My God..

I too am feeling the pull of the Silicon Valley. On Monday I'm flying
down to San Jose to talk to Cisco about a fairly lucrative position.
They painted me a fairly rosy picture of the living scenario down there
but I think it's wise to do my own research..

Average rent in SJ is about $1500 USD for a 1BR apartment, no? What
other shocks have any of my Canadian FoRK-buddies experienced when
moving south to the Sillycon Valley?

What if I want to live near the water?



Lisa Dusseault (Exchange) wrote:

> I don't know if anybody else responded to this... As a canadian with a TN
> visa, I believe you have more flexibility than that in getting a title for
> your job on your visa. Even though I have an engineering degree and my
> husband has a Math degree (honest -- it's math, not science or arts), we
> both have "computer systems analyst" on our visas. The job title you use
> can describe your job, not your training. All the company has to do is show
> that your training is useful for the job, and that there aren't enough US
> graduates with that training.

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