Re: Old skool FoRK

Ron Resnick (
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 19:23:19 -0400

I'm only posting this to get even with you Joe - you rotten
sniveling nasty, you, you.... :-)

Joe Barrera wrote:
>The troops that will complete
> the NWO are... ISO 9000 auditors. I'm sure you think I'm joking. But in a
> world where the real power is held by corporations, not by governments, ISO
> 9000 is a far more potent tool for world unification than the UN or the

oh sure, blame it all on iso. Very clever of you, very
insidious, but we're wise. We're fork. We see through
your devilish plots.

I've been on big projects. We've been ISO certified. We've
also determined our CMM SEI standings - made it to level 2,
with serious ambitions for level 3, thank you very much.

[And before anyone asks, the obacronym expansion:
CMM SEI = Capability Maturity Model Software Engineering Institute]

ISO? Hah. I wipe my arse with iso docs. Bunch of sniveling
do-gooder standards-drafters sitting in Belgium or Zurich
or godknowswhere foreign parts.

CMM, though- now there's a sneaky bunch. Define a "maturity
model" that isn't _meant_ to be independently audited - it's
a "feel good" thing - you know you're there when you're there,
it's a karma thing. Think Zen.

Sneaky, aren't they.

Wanna know where the real hold is over corporate IT? Never
mind those ISO wannabes, it's those Carnegie Mellon guys
that are the true conspirators.
Oh, sure, academics, they want you to believe. Researchers.
Merely interested in improving the quality of our software.

Ha. HAH! I say.

And, which FoRKer is a CMU alum? Casting aspersions on ISO,
so as to protect his own true turf?

And this MS employment gig - that's a pretense too. We know the
truth - Rick Rachid has you planted at MS as a long-sleeping
mole, ready to emerge into Silicon Valley startup-land to
spread the infection of SEI bullshit on an unsuspecting
population of otherwise productive souls.

Joe - We're on to you. Watch out.

And on a completely separate topic,
what *is* with this Truman thing? Cease! Desist!

I saw the movie. I thought it was garbage. Eminently forgettable. Not very funny, not very deep, didn't really say all that much. And that would be fine if at least someone took their clothes off, or got blown up, or something. But no, we have to sit through ~100 minutes of tedium to a pretty obvious conclusion. "Gee! what a surprise! He makes it!".

Maybe I'm shallow, dunno. When I look for my deep messages, usually Hollywood isn't the first place I go shopping.

Personally, looking forward to Die Hard 4, now released in Israel, based on Tim's synopsis. Anyone calculate the GDPS (Gratuitous Deaths Per Second) ratio? It's to flicks what RBIs or ERAs are to baseball...