Re: The Cost of Living in the Bay Area as compared to Boston

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 07:55:13 -0700

> its fair to say they make at least 25% more than in boston but the housing
> price is at least that
> much higher. i picked up a copy of silicon valley today during a recent
> visit and was horrified to
> see the average housing price in san jose was 270k last year. this friend
> living in a small single house
> in redwood city put its worth at 300k. i'm sure a similar one can be had for
> 200k in the south shore area
> in boston.

And you wonder why there are so many more hippy communes in the
Bay Area than Boston. You see, Hokkun, it's like software piracy,
the people who legitimately go out and pay the full purchase price
get screwed because that full purchase price includes the cost
of about 4.5 pirated copies. Now, is it fair to penalize the
legitimate consumer with the illegal actions of others or the
technical shortcomings of their own product? Similarly, since
there are so many freeloading, free-loving living in the same
housing unit, it only makes sense to the landlords to raise the
prices. UCI follows the same model and does a one-upmanship. They
discriminate by age, class, marital status to force you into
little commune boxes. Of course, this all goes out the window if
you openly declare you are gay, then to prove they aren't discriminatory,
you can live anywhere you want. Special rights, not equal rights
they always say.

Anyways, send me a check and a resume I will give you a completely
bogus career assessment that is 97% better than any other you might
get from any of these completely bogus career counselors. If you
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> another concern i have is the job opportunities. i'm not in R&D and i've
> alwayed worked in financial
> and IT consulting doing mostly client/server, e-commerce. there are lots of
> these companies in boston,
> i.e. fidelity, putnam, state street, cambridge technology, sapient etc.
> what's the chance of finding
> something similar in the bay area?
> - Hokkun