[LA] Beastie Boys Tickets for Sat Sept 12th?

Rohit Khare (rohit@fdr.ICS.uci.edu)
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 11:41:08 -0700

Tickets go on sale this saturday for a second show on the Hello Nasty tour
at the Great Western Forum. Most importantly, the Asian Dub Foundation
is making a special appearance as the opening act!


\me is in. Anyone else?

This is the first performance it actually seems worth my while to wait in
line for. Yes, in part it's because it's very rare to see the Indian-drum-n-
bass sound Stateside.

I picked up a Montreal-based hip-hop fashion zine and found the first
feature article on that scene I've seen in NA. The canonical club
night, for the record, is Monday nights at the Blue Note in Covent Garden
(London). Anyone up for a night out there, too?

Personally, some random fall tour dates:

August 22-28 Chicago IETF
August 28 ICSE Paper deadline
August 29 Paris Harley's wedding -- be very afraid, Rob :-)
September 1-9 East NY, Boston, Wilton, CT
September 10 UCI Move to new apartment, #3207
September 17-28 India May get pair of B-class award tix (w/mom)
November 1-5 Orlando Sigsoft/FSE98 tutorial (w/jim)
November 14-18 Seattle CSCW98 tutorial (w/adam)
November 23 WWW8 Paper deadline
November 28 B'more 25th wedding anniversary party
December 22-31 Hawaii parents on vacation; may join