Re: Ode to Losing Virginity.

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 12:13:55 -0700 quoth:
> > quoth:
> > I'd wager that half of FoRK right now will have a major
> > life change sometime in the next 18 months. Job shifts, leaving school,
> > entering school, marriages, divorces, big moves, deaths, births.
> Yup. I wager that for the Sagittarius, with moon rising in Venus,
> divorce will play big.

Well, Ron, at least the horoscope agrees that August 2nd, 1998 was a
good day to lose Adam's virginity. Sydney Omarr wrote in the Sunday LA Times:

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21): Whatever you desire will be fufilled --
in surprising, dramatic, colorful fashion. Cycle high, make fresh
start in new direction. People comment, "You look different -- you
sure are sexy!"

You know, I'm a Sag, too, and I never have luck like this... ;-)

But, did Adam wear a tie to work the next day??
[Does anyone have this strip handy? Please digitize a copy for the
FoRK archive... It was from August 1994]

Is Dilbert a Virgin?

Sadly, yes. I tried to solve that problem once but my editor decided
the funny papers weren't ready. I drew a series of strips where
Dilbert had a female co-worker who was a nymphomaniac. She confessed
to Dilbert that she had "torrid romances with half of the men in the
department in the past year" and asked if Dilbert thought she should
seek counseling. Dilbert's reply was "Oh, I'd give it another year."
In the strips that followed, it was clear that a happy Dilbert had
become her most recent conquest. I always wished that series had made
it through the editorial net. But Dilbert gets another shot at it this
summer when he meets a woman named Liz. Liz will either take Dilbert's
innocence or be killed by a meteor. I haven't penned the ending
yet. I'm going to monitor my e-mail and see how the sentiment flows
after Liz gets introduced. There will be a two month lag while I
decide her fate. Any opinions? (If Dilbert gets lucky, I'll draw the
strip one day this summer with his necktie hanging flat. That's how
you'll know.)