Re: [LA] Beastie Boys Tickets for Sat Sept 12th?

Tom Whore (
Thu, 6 Aug 1998 01:25:23 -0700 (PDT)

Refuse resists reinvest

Large time ticket prices for stadium sized shows, even large venue shows,
are something that needs to come out of circulation. First off the bigger
shows lack the personal contact that all but make "personal apperances"
inherent in performances.

"is that mikeD up there?"
"no man thats the security gaurd tossing off a crasher, here use my

Im spolied. I grew up in a city (NYC)where i could go see shows of the
groups I liked and wind up as close as 10 feet from them , and usualy not
20 feet below them.

You might as well do PayFerVeiw and cram your local
bar/dancehall/freindshouse (not your own) for that "event" feel.

Also realize a large chunk of that money is going off to pay for the
place, the ads, the glitz, the payoffs, the multuple levels of managment.
You thought javaspaces and jini could get into layering hell, music biz
crap gets worse.

Support your band, not the bueruacracy.

Just say no

The money you spend on these shows could go to burning the gorups Entire
Cataloge onto mp3 Cds and passing several copies out to freinds and fans.


the tshirts suck these days anyways