Cameron Diaz advises women on body image.

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Thu, 6 Aug 1998 03:05:10 -0700

[Thanks, Dobbin.]

> Women should accept their bodies, says Cameron Diaz -- and their mates
> better like them, too.
> The red-hot "There's Something About Mary" star didn't always feel that
> way, however. "I was too skinny when I was a kid," she tells Mary costar
> Ben Stiller, who interviewed her as one of several celebrity editors of
> the one-year anniversary issue of Jane magazine. "I don't always love my
> body. But I was fortunate that I grew up with my mom, who I never heard
> once complain about her body. Anything that she was unhappy with, she
> would say, 'This is where I am right now, and hopefully later I'll do
> the things that I need to do.' "
> Furthermore, says the impossibly leggy blonde, women shouldn't waste
> time fretting over what men think of their builds. "You can't punish
> yourself because you're not staying on some regimen, instead of just
> looking in the mirror and saying, 'You know what? If I don't get a guy
> who loves grabbing hold of this, f--- 'em.' If my boyfriend is
> disappointed because I have an extra handful, that's his problem." We
> hope Matt Dillon is listening.


This is a very small story in a very big war and as such, Spielberg has
utterly depoliticized the entire thing, which is probably okay except
that it means listening to Neanderthals root for people to be shot in
the face and utter "cool" and "neato" when people's limbs fly across the
screen as Spielberg sets new standards for cinematic war realism.
-- Mr. Cranky reviews "Saving Private Ryan"