Re: [Scientific American] Gender Gap in Computer Science continues.

John M. Klassa (
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 11:33:18 -0400

>>>>> On Thu, 6 Aug 1998, "NM" == Nelson Minar wrote:

NM> <stuff about MIT geek culture deleted>

I guess I've been hanging out with the wrong geeks. My geek friends
don't talk all over each other, at once. In fact, my geek friends are
among the most civil people I know.

+> If you want to join the navy, then you need to embrace its
+> traditions and customs.

NM> Don't forget the whoring and queer-bashing.

Indeed. It's something you have to contend with if you want to join the
navy. Either you learn to live with it, or you shouldn't join. Right,
wrong or otherwise, it's the culture that's developed over centuries.

NM> PS - oh, btw, hi there, I'm new here. I don't often rise to
NM> flamebait, but this particular issue has been on my mind
NM> recently. I found this whole group through dist-obj. I've managed
NM> to meet Adam, but missed Rohit by just a few miles or hours.

I wasn't trolling, believe it or not. It so happens that I have strong
opinions -- opinions that just happen to run counter to yours.

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