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Wait a moment! You're the same John Regehr that's doing the
DPC/thread/real-time stuff with Mike! You know, redoing what I did four
years ago and was too stupid to write up! :-) :-) :-) I'll look around and
try to find the code I did for running DPCs in thread context. Cutler hated
it and wouldn't take it. "We did the same thing in RSX and it sucked and we
need to beat Novell in benchmarks more than we need real-time." (This was a
few years ago, pre-Netscape, pre-Internet.) Give me a call this afternoon
around 2pm if you want to chat. I was actually at the Darpa thingeedo with
Mike yesterday (and flew back in only at 11:30pm which is why I'm getting a
late start today). I've also just done a literature search on commercial
uses of NT for real-time and have some good pointers to send you. The 2ms
thread scheduling jitter (with decent drivers), 40msec (with bad drivers) is
consistent with what I measured and with what I've seen in various
evaluations by various companies. Although the thing with the video drivers
is quite a nasty surprise. Sounds though like Mike is working the political
angle a lot better than I EVER had the energy to do, which is good because
bad drivers are primarily a political issue.


- Joe

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> Bzzt wrong. Nato is standardized on the 7.62 mm round.
> as the banned
> AK-47.

Wrong again. The AK-47 fires 7.62x39, while NATO uses the
more powerful

Know your weaponry.