Re: [Scientific American] Gender Gap in Computer Science

Tim Byars (
Thu, 6 Aug 1998 11:49:09 -0700

At 11:17 AM -0700 8/6/98, Eve Schooler came up with this:

> >The insinuation is that things like computer games, long hours and the
> >"antisocial image of the hacker" have tended to steer women to other
> >areas. So be it...
> yes and no. if a woman wants to be a software programmer, a computer
> graphics wizard, a networking guru, a tenured cs prof, etc., then she
> has to go through the ranks, like everyone else.

oh pooh. women should stay in the gym all day working out so when their
hubby gets home from writing drivers or plugging security holes in NT
server he has something provocative and exciting to look at.

and that's the bottom line.



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