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Arthur S. Hitomi (
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 14:59:43 -0700

In message <v04011704b1efd15f5e51@[]>, Tim Byars writes:
>> BMW TESTS NEW SUV -- The internal working codename is E53. But
>> reports say BMW will invent a new "marketing-speak" name for its new
>>sport utility
>> vehicle, such as "sport activity vehicle" or "extended mobility vehicle."
>>Whatever you
>> call it -- one thing is for sure: BMW's entry in the SUV market will call
>> South Carolina home. This 4-wheel-drive hybrid, based on the 5-Series
>>sedan, is
>> expected to be built alongside the Z3. It's slated to arrive in time for
>>a 2000 model-year
>> launch .

Yet another SUV, SAV, whatever. They're all revamped station wagons.
In fact, I'm surprised no one has brought back the AMC 4 wheel drive
station wagons from the early 80s. Is Subaru the only company nuts
enough to do this?