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I don't understand your points at all.

Universal voting, racism, sexism, all these issues are labelled PC issues.
You yourself said some of these were unfair practices. This is what i'm
talking about when I say you're throwing out the baby with the bath water.
Many "PC" causes are those that fight against overt or legislated
discrimination such as hiring blacks into the police force or gays in the
military. The fight for women to be allowed to vote was a "PC" cause.
Other "PC" causes advocate legislated discrimination, such as hiring quotas.
I am not for all "PC" causes. Are you against all "PC" causes? Some are
baby, some are bath water -- unless you are circularly defining PC causes as
the bathwater rather than what are commonly labelled as PC causes.

You treat efforts to remove legislated or entrenched practices of
disriminating against minorities with the same brush as adding legislation
of discriminating for minorities. These are not the same thing. Nobody in
this discussion is advocating the latter.

I don't understand the emails that seem to claim that anybody is asking for
special status. Who is asking for special status?


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On Thu, 6 Aug 1998, Lisa Lippert (Dusseault) (Exchange) wrote:

> In throwing out all causes labelled PC, you're throwing out the
> baby with the bath water.

Good. Out it goes, the no good brat. PC labling is just as bad as race
labling and ethnic labling etc etc etc. It doesn NOTHING to solve a
problem and everything to EMpower a sect of people to be the so called
Leaders or Guardians or Watchdogs of that group.

I dont need such crap in my life. Just as I wont stand for someone
discriminating on the color of my skin I wont stand for folks using a PC ,
or what ever , scale to prejudge me.

Is life fair? Nope. There have been many legislative acts taht have helped
stop the unfair proactices of racism and agesism and sexism and classism.
Thre have also been many that hamper general freedoms for particular
exclusions. These are as bad as any Jim Crow crap if they are given the
time to fester into our system of laws. Root em out and toss em over.

I think the main thing her is that people treat each other fairly.
this may take generations to happen, but I think legislating it is
something more prone to back lash than to make lasting changes.