Re: IBM Institute for Advanced Commerce - Best Thesis Proposals.

Roy T. Fielding (
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 19:39:44 -0700

>Oh well. I have several uncompleted things I'm working on that I'd like
>to finish before IETF Chicago, so I'd better get back to them. I've
>tried calling Rohit like 100 times today to resynch with him, and
>everytime but one I got a busy signal or a "this is Sprint, you cannot
>connect right now" message. Like in "Saving Private Ryan," my world has
>definitely taken a turn toward the surreal.

Adam, you really need to go see "Saving Private Ryan" before making any
more analogies like that. Reviews cannot do it justice.

Trying to get in touch with Rohit is a lot like trying to catch a fly
on a hot summer day between two fingers, but I don't think watching
his guts squirt out between your nails was the imagery you had in mind.