Tim Byars (
Thu, 6 Aug 1998 19:50:16 -0700

At 6:49 PM -0700 8/6/98, Tom Whore came up with this:

> Of course for most folks America is a dirty word, and the American Dream
> something they hide from; beacuse when you look down at the core of things
> the hands that shaped what ever evil you think of America now stands for
> will not be the withered hands of Regan or the clenched fist of Dole or
> the bleeding heart hand of Carter or the grasping hands of Robert Byrd or
> the goldencrusted knuckles of Snoopy Doggy Dog..

Or the lips of Monica.

Let the games begin!!!



Most catastrophes occurr from a long series of small unrelated, yet uncontrollable failures.

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